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A New Year of Simple Living

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Amidst the global devastation of 2020, our lives were forced to slow down. I felt the need to utilise this time in somewhat different ways. For me, this came in the form of baking my own bread.

As society retreated, I recognised similar social media trends; the zeitgeist shifted to forgotten domestic pastimes. I felt this distinctly when I attempted to buy bread flour from my local supermarket. The entire flour aisle was empty - the whole town must also be baking! This persisted for weeks.

The art of making bread is not something I could imagine incorporating into my old London life. Like most city dwellers, I opted for readily available processed, shop-bought bread.

A Slower More Sustainable Future

Although catalysed by COVID, I believe the movement towards a slower life has gained momentum over the last decade. Independent, thoughtful organisations have been emerging online, alongside the resurgence of vintage and repurposed clothes, revealing a turning away from fast, cheap, exploitative fashion. This marks a positive change: a desire for good quality, handmade, well-designed goods, and consumers who care where their clothes come from.

Act of Hope

Valuing what you have is an act of hope. This year has taught us to be more thoughtful about our time and consumption. At HvG, we believe in this hope, holding dear these values of craft and quality. For example, we support a small local enterprise with our beautifully crafted Corduroy Hair Bows, with barrettes made by our beloved French neighbours. This bold hairpiece can add flair to any outfit, lovingly handmade in fair and equal conditions in the EU, from 100% cotton corduroy.

We hope you cherish our garments and accessories as much as we do. We are excited for the future of HvG as we move forward into a more hopeful and sustainable world.

Happy New Year from the team at HvG

Image Credit (Middle Left): @pippavosper


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