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About us


HvG was founded in 2018 in London by Henriette von Grünberg out of her love for luxurious textiles and the vision to connect the most skilled artisans everywhere to create a contemporary and sustainability-driven brand. Our designs are timeless, feminine and full of minimalistic opulence. Our strongest inspirations are always the strong women for whom we create. Women who are extremely quality-conscious, women who prefer ten timeless to a hundred trendy dresses, women with an unmistakable style that reflects an extraordinary life. Guided by the true belief in slow-fashion, we produce our editions in hand-picked ateliers in Berlin and Vienna.

Meet our artisans.

Hand-crafted treasures
inspired by strong women,

made from sustainably
sourced materials.


Custom-made dresses


Meet Nourai, our master seamstress in the Berlin Atelier who is truly dedicated to her art. With her, we have been developing our custom-made dresses for many years and created our intricate patterns for the most elaborate designs. There, in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we found the best home for our bespoke products. We love that, just like in a piece of art, every piece made by her carries her thumbprint, her own distinct way of workmanship. This is what we stand for: textile products that carry the personality of the artisan who made them.

Meet Natasha from our atelier for ready to wear clothing and accessories in Vienna. She is, with her lovely team of Slovakia women, to be blamed personally, for the absolutely stunning and perfect bows and headbands and bags. When we developed our epic headbands, she accepted the challenge to make the most comfortable fitting headbands on the market. And Natasha succeeded, as always. Whenever the ladies pick something up, it becomes their cherished project. We can't but adore this team of passionate craftswomen.


EU Bades Production 




Our materials are sourced locally. This is crucial for us, as this is how we can assure to be using the best quality produced under humane working conditions. Whomever we work with, needs to be best-in-class, needs to meet our own high standards regarding sustainability and quality. Most of our fabrics we source from a traditional weaver in Bremen/Germany. Our pearls come from a small trader in Berlin and from Paris to be then turned into jewelry in London. We use only glass stones for our jewelry since we refuse to support the practice of natural stones being dug out of the ground by hand.
All of our ateliers are part of the HVG family and we keep a true friendship with everyone who contributes - as a true connection is essential for us.

Informed by Henriette´s academic research at Imperial College London into sustainability in the textile industry, we put the most impactful measures before any marketing shi shi. We are happy to share every part of what this means with everyone because the industry needs brands that take sustainability and transparency serious outside the marketing departments. So, ask us anything.

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