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Never doubt that you can go change the world, ladies!

Consumers deserve to know how their clothes are being made. Henriette von Gruenberg prides herself on sourcing sustainable andwell-madematerials fromdeadstockfor her designs.


1. We source the finest fabrics from deadstock,

returning otherwise wasted material into the cycle.

2. We work only with natural fabrics, organic dyes,

and use only biodegradable materials.

3. We reduce our material waste to a maximum,

turning cut-offs into small precious products.

4. We use only recycled material for HvGs packaging and we made them so beautiful you want to keep them forever. 

You all deserve transparency, beloved HvG Ladies! So what is deadstock materials?

Pre-consumer fabrics on rolls, first rate in mint condition, but for whatever reason doesn't get used in the production cycle.  

What do I pay for?

As a consumer you should ask for transparency at the brands you are shopping!  This is our brand receipt for our most expensive dress of the recent collection. See your self what you are paying for! 

xx, your Team at HvG

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