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For me, dresses are always inspired by the incredible women I make them for. This piece was designed with and for Bettina Looney, for a very personal moment in her life and handmade by me. The Bettina dress is made of four meters 100% satin silk and aims to be beyond any fashion trend.  


Bettina and I  had always wanted to create something together.  With this dress, we feel we have made a piece that you will want to see in your wardrobe forever.


When you order the Bettina Dress online, we start producing it for you in the colour you have chosen right away. We know 5-6 weeks may seem like a long time to wait for your dress, but this time frame is needed to handmake your forever piece.


By purchasing the Bettina dress,  you are supporting and participating in slow fashion and a more sustainable way to shop. Thank you!


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