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The Everlasting Love of Collars

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Collars have been embraced for many centuries across demographics, ages, class, cultures and continents; worn by kings, queens, ladies and gentlemen: an expressive symbol of character and style.

In Shakespeare's time, men and women were depicted with their iconic collars, defining status. The Elizabethan ruff was a lavish interpretation. Phenomenally uncomfortable, this collar was a symbol of class, prestige and lifestyle. The collar held the head high, giving a confident, domineering posture. The sheer impracticality symbolised a privileged life. The incorporation of starch allowed exuberance. Over time, the design relaxed, with the falling ruff, which lay gently on one's shoulders.

Other notable manifestations include the Sailor's Suit collar, which was considered very lucky to touch. The Mandarin, a short stand-up collar, originating in Asia, has been adopted worldwide and remains hugely popular. Similar in style, the Nehru Collar, associated with male Indian clothing, was popularised by India's prime minister. The detachable collar first gained popularity in the 19th century, cleverly allowing men and women to add great style on a meagre budget.

Timeless flair!

With the luck of a sailor and the glamour of a queen, collars have been a staple for centuries. The collar's boundless variations give a powerful statement, allowing expression of your own strong character.

Women of the past and present inspire HvG. Like the falling ruff, HvG stunning satin collars gracefully sit on the shoulders, creating a clean but ornate silhouette. Perfectly framing the face and décolletage, this classic and timeless collar adds true elegance and a fun flair to any outfit. The detachable collars - which are currently on sale - give you the freedom to experiment. Perfect for mixing and matching with HvG's sky blue or ivory headbands or an iconic bow. Create a one of a kind outfit with your own unique style!

Love from the team at HvG

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