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Brighten up your Blues!

The year's start can be sluggish, particularly this year; work resumes after the Christmas festivities, and the long winter stretches ahead. Smack bang in the middle of January falls Blue Monday, an empathic reminder. Winter is hard, even at the best of times - so give yourself a break!

Step away from the beloved loungewear.

Let's be honest, after a year of loungewear, I have been yearning for the ritual of glamming up and being with friends. Winter is warmed with celebrations and gatherings. Despite the pandemic and to my delight, a concerted effort is being made to 'party virtually'. On Burns Night, for example, my friends and I still got dressed up, some wore their family tartan, and others used the event as an excuse to show off a new or favourite outfit. Our night was filled with sharing stories, essential Scottish poetry and heaps of laughter.

Show yourself some love!

These small celebrations are essential to brighten the cold months. Show yourself some love this winter! HvG creates outfits for all special occasions, focusing on making women feel their best. Unique women often inspire our designs. In passing this inspiration on, we hope to encourage a global sisterhood of empowered women. It's always refreshing to put on a gorgeous outfit. HvG's dreamy Maria Pleated Blouse with its romantic sleeves, with a stunning Velvet Alice Band, will lift your spirits. Or add real pizazz with HvG's Crème Brûlée earrings to brighten any blues. As proved by my beautiful friends, you can still get dressed up and have a good time!

Love from the team at HvG

Image Credit: first (ig: ave.camilla), fourth (ig: velvette_)

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