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The story of the Majorelle wings Pullover

The best part of being and independent and creative human being is you can find your very own way to express yourself. Of course this is not easy in our generation, everything's tries to influence our definition of beauty and style.

My way out of this dilemma has always been sewing, designing and creating my own beauty and therefore maybe my own world. Making cloths, from drawing it, sewing a prototype, maybe changing the prototype, until you have the finished silk piece, is the process of creating that always gave me joy.

This piece the "Majorelle wings" is inspired by one if my first pieces I have made when I was a teenager, which had long sleeves that looked like a wing. A wing as a metaphor for strength, maybe gives you the feeling you could fly. My dream is to make a whole collection only with different pieces that have long silk wings. (I will try to upload a collection of pictures of pieces I made with wings soon)

The colour inspiration is from Morocco, the Jardin Majorelle garden in Marrakesh, it took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden. The blue garden is so beautiful that I named this after it. (Btw, It did not take me forty years to create it)

Another channel for me to be creative is to create little photo shootings. All pictures are taken by the awesome photographer Pawel Wargan.

For accessory for the photo shooting I researched for interesting London brands I want to collaborate with, to create good pictures this Majorelle wings jumper. I found this traditional London based brand Pickett, they sell these beautiful umbrellas, gloves and ostrich bags and totally stole my heart. To shop at their stores in Burlington Gardens and Sloane Square is an unreal British experience.

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