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The Party Season starts with a touch of glamour! Celebrate with HvG!

We are all beginning to get stuck into the festivities. Our decorations are out, events are planned, family and friends are invited over….It's an exciting, unique, and nostalgic time of year, full of joy and laughter.

HvG is getting fully into the spirit this year- celebrate with us! Nothing could be more fitting for Christmas than one of our silk bows, the perfect present for the ones you love. Prepare yourself for the party season and feel truly special with one of HvG's many stunning accessories! Add the ultimate luxury to your look with a classic silk hair scrunchie or a beautifully embellished ruffle hair clip. Keep your neck warm while still looking stylish with our beautiful scalloped edge silk scarf, perfectly crafted - bring that extra twist to your Christmas party outfit. Our silk dupion Alice bands are the perfect accessory to glamourise your favourite winter jumper. We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you!

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