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New HvG Collection: Winter is Coming, and We Are Ready.

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We are excited to bring you our latest collection of accessories. HvG always pays particular attention to fabrics, and this winters collection is no exception. Stand out from the crowd with every outfit, right down to the accessories.

HvG new silk scalloped edge scarves come in a range of playful colours, including white and bronze - the perfect combination of complementary colours for every skin tone, giving you the glow you desire throughout winter.

Our much-loved scrunches now come in rose, lilac and green - colours to ward off the greyest days. Made from organza silk, they catch the sun, giving your hair a gorgeous splash of colour and a hint of light. The organza silk doesn't stop there; our beloved bows also come in these delicious colours and luxurious materials. HvG new bows and ruffle in wool boulcé are the perfect texture for a wholesome wintery accessory.

Entirely new this season, HvG have a selection of finely crafted turban headbands. Sculptural and sleek, giving your elegant outfits a striking, powerful twist for you to face the day. And last but not least, we are reclaiming the bucket hat! Perfect for giving any outfit a cool, relaxed look. Paired with something elegant, well, that's a marriage made in heaven.

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