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Holidaying in Style

Holidays, what most of us are craving! Our busy work lives only make this precious time all the sweeter. Whether it is lounging around on white sand, visiting fabulous, authentic restaurants or experiencing new cultures and unexplored cities, feeling comfortable is a top priority. Of course, we can still do this in style! At HvG, we specialise in the chic and comfy summer clothing you desire. Flowing dresses, wraparounds, crisp tops and shirts to match your gorgeous summer glow; find that unique item your wardrobe is craving this year!

Feel your best this summer! The Maria Silk Skirt is heavenly cute, perfect for that cool look. Pair it with your favourite top, or our Maria Silk Blouse, and you're ready to go! HvG‘s delicious Silk Tie-up in pistachio, lemon and black, is the ideal poolside companion, with just the right amount of coverage for you to feel relaxed and sexy all day. And for romantic summer evenings, when you want to feel amazing - try the timeless Luise Wrap Shift, perfectly paired with the Charlotte Signature Top.

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