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Have confidence in your style with HvG!

Finding your personal style is a journey! You shouldn't find it intimidating: it's your taste and ultimately about expression, freedom and fun! Although it may be easier said than done… How do we find our personal style? And how do we find confidence in our clothes?

Your current wardrobe is a good indicator of the clothes you feel confident wearing. Which colours, shapes, and fits do you lean towards? Pick out your favourite items, noting the clothes you wear most. What do you gravitate towards? Dresses? Jeans? Pastels? Black? A-line cuts? Loose fits? Which brands do you align with? What suits your life?

Find inspiration! Movies, music, Instagram, celebrities, history, designers, friends? Take your inspiration from anywhere and everywhere; make it your own! Think critically, don't just passively absorb… the more you do this, the more rewarding it will be! Think - what do or don't I like about this outfit? What distinguishes my style from this one? Moodboards can be one of the best ways to explore styles. Save all your favourite Insta images or go old-school - cutting out examples and pinning them to a wall. Be selective and fine-tune your aesthetic, gathering perspective on your style.

Don't box yourself in - often combining styles is where you find the 'sweet spot' to create something entirely your own. Develop your wardrobe over time; it shouldn't be a rush! Aim for sustainable, treasured items, even with the basics. Check out HvG's timeless Mena Silk Kaftan Dress, beautiful and elegant, easy to wear with a simple pair of trousers and statement shoes, just like that; you have a standout outfit! Look effortlessly put together with Maria Pleated Blouse - dreamy on any silhouette. Perhaps Alicia Top is more your style - easy to pair but unique with its ruched fabric and simple straps for a sexy but classy look.

- Love, the team at HvG

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