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The revival of long silk skirts

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I think my grandmother was the most fashionable woman ever. When ever I was at my grandmother's home in Berlin I was playing with her skirts. She was a dancer and she owned an uncountable number of skirts. Secretly in the evenings, my sister and I, sneaked in her room and played princess.

Inspired by Viennas ball culture

I moved to Vienna when I was 18 and was taken away by its unique ball season. Germany lost its own ball culture after the wars and there is no longer such such tradition as the Zuckerbäcker ball, Opernball, Philharmoniker Ball and the 200 other balls. It feels a little bit like a time travel indeed. Men are dressed in tails and top hat and woman in the most stunning ball gowns. Of course this influenced my designs a lot. I instantly started making ballgowns for all my friends and their friends, who ever was willing to get six or more meter of the finest silk. The dresses I created were like the dancing gowns in my grandmothers room and the balls we went to felt a bit like the dreams my sister and I had while playing with her skirts back then. The simple long silk skirt is such a wonderful piece one could wear every day if you want to life a little dream.

The Josefine Dress

The Josefine dress is made out of 10 meter red silk. I transformed the material in an floor-length skirt with a huge bow on the back that runs down until the floor too. The one-shouldered top is to be closed with a big bow over the shoulder.

Love the dress on my beautiful friend Josefine. <3

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