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Getting Away From It All

With summer in full force, it's the perfect time to get away. After almost a year, I am reunited with my nearest and dearest. It is overwhelming - filled with anticipation, stories and love. The separation between us only highlights our growth.

After only a few moments of contact, friends recognise this change - that I seem more comfortable in my skin and hold myself well. I see it too, but the transformation is not apparent until you reunite with those who know you well.

Feeling free to wear what you want daily has a cumulative, strengthening impact on your spirit. Cheerful and flowing, the Camen Dress, bold but simple, is perfect for you to shine. Perhaps the day calls for the cute and sexy Alicia Top, made from gorgeous 100% silk to make you feel fantastic. Or the crisp and intricate Alicia Silk Rose Embroidered Dress to feel well 'put together', clean and beautiful. Confidence in your unique style and clothes is undeniably satisfying and rewarding. Feel good in your skin with HvG.

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