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Bound Together, Stronger Forever!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Celebrate this March with HvG!  

Tied together before it is even started, for better or worse, the mother-daughter relationship is something of a marriage, set to significantly impact who you are - supplying you with a tool kit to combat the world.

A study from the University of Georgia found that the mother-daughter relationship determines a girl's future more than any other family dynamic. Another publication in the Journal of Neuroscience noted that mothers and daughters are the most alike in processing emotion of all parent-child relationships - creating a shared bias of understanding. This empathy between the two contributes majorly to the bond - like a magnet being compelled and repelled - with the potential to create polarising harmony or conflict. There are few places to hide in this special relationship. In the UK, the bow was traditionally used as a symbol of affection between mother and daughter, stemming from the royal family in victorian times. Passed through generations, the bow could come in the form of jewellery, clothing, hair adornments or family heirlooms, signifying the bond's importance.

Let's Take on the World Together

March is the month for celebrating women, mother and daughters alike, home to International Women's Day, and those of us in the UK, Mother's Day on the 14th March. This March, gift your mother or daughter, or perhaps another amazing woman in your life, with a beautiful HvG bow - reinvigorate this beautiful tradition for your family and friends. To celebrate the extraordinary relationship between mother and daughter, HvG has created a gorgeous outfit; pair up with your loved one's and take on the world together.

Love from the team at HvG

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