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Be Inspired by Spring!

Let's celebrate in the sun with HvG!

I'm sure happy that Spring officially began on March 21st! What lies ahead in the beautiful blooming landscapes of timely newborns - lambs, chicks, ducks? The cuteness goes on. It is a quiet, magical time of year with warm weather to comfort the soul and soft but vivid colours that sprinkle the earth—the bright yellows of buttercups and daffodils emerge followed by dustings of pink and white blossom. More vibrant and unpredictable weather transpires with rainbow skies and impressive downpours. Then the contradictory, drastic but obscured change of the budding trees - as greenery clouds the cities, streets and fields. The air will feel fresher, filled with joyous birdsong, and longer days to slow down and soak up.

To celebrate this glorious season in its variety of colours, HvG has a range of dresses to complement Spring. Perfect for that first picnic of the year, Camen Dress in Checked, flowing and relaxed; lounge around basking in the sun in this beautiful long checked sky blue dress. HvG also has Camen Dress in bright as day sun yellow - super easy to throw on and a true delight for a warm and carefree day. Another favourite is the Luise Wrap Dress in Pink Linen, which couldn't be more in keeping with Spring, keeping you cool and fitting perfectly in a glorious Easter colour. Honestly, the list could go on! HvG stock a range of flowing and free dresses, which be more perfectly fitting for Spring and Summer, day or night, dress up or dress down; you will certainly look the part

This month HvG were proudly recognised by ELLE magazine for our re-vamping of the hair bow! Check out our stunning collection along with the article below - jam-packed with exciting tips on styling your iconic bow!

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