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A floral Impression on Christmas: the Amaryllis Dress

When I pass by a flower shop, what ever time of the year it may be, flowers and especially Amaryllis give me inspiration. Read and see now Bettinas' Christmas interpretation of the Amaryllis dress:

I made a few dresses with floral Impressions but this one is somehow special to me.

It always reminds me of two things, Christmas at home, where my mother decorated our Christmas room with red flowers, I remember the fragrant and the bright colour I always loved.

The other memories and inspirations of that dress are from Nepal. I bought the fabric in one of my first trips to Nepal, its pure silk, bought on one of these crazy markets where kids, dogs and traders are running around. Somehow these colours represent Nepal for me. The women have a red dot on their forehead, children wear traditional dresses in red and white silk, men wear these beautiful huts.

My special friend Bettina Looney and I made a little shoot with my Amaryllis dress last week and since she is one of the most amazing stylist I know, she found a beautiful way to wear the dress with a white blouse underneath it and white flat Manolo Blahniks. She found a beautiful Christmas outfit.

The Amaryllis dress is made out of 6 meters silk, with a lining of white satin silk. It has a tight top, open back and a floor length bow around the waste.

The cut of skirt is like the old dancing skirts from the 50s.

Get in touch with me if you like to have a dress in a self-chosen fabric <3

(This picture by Denise Bodden)

picture and styling by Stella von Senger.

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