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Modern and Fresh, Timeless Classics - All-New Ruffles and Collars

For centuries, ruffles and collars have been a wardrobe staple - shrouded with rich history, worn by iconic women throughout time from Queen Elizabeth to Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. Popping up through the centuries, the ruffle and collar are here to stay. This season, HvG has looked back for inspiration and reclaims this style essential with fresh, modern ideas.

This summer, HvG has focused on classic staples; pair with your most outgoing or straightforward outfits for that extra flair and fun. HvG has launched more ruffles and collars, made from the finest dupion silk, which has a rich history of its own. Made with the love and the care you expect of us. We sustainably source from off-cut fabrics, letting nothing go to waste! Pinback your hair with HvG's ruffle for a clean and confident look, now in pink, gingham, embroidered roses on plush white, rose and black. HvG now has a newly designed collar, with delicate frills to framing the face and décolletage, available in rose, white and gorgeous gingham.

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